For Insurers

A Message to Automobile Insurance Providers

Your policyholders want to know that their auto glass replacements are being done in a safe and proper manner. By using AGSC-Registered Member Companies you can demonstrate that your company makes a commitment to safety.

Until the ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS™ standard , there was much discussion about what a “safe replacement” really is — and no real standard of right and wrong to which to refer. Now there is. The AGRSS Standard promotes more consistency in auto glass replacements and provides a solid base for training programs. The Council also helps educate consumers and insurers about important safety issues.

What You Can Do

It is important that everyone involved with auto glass replacements becomes familiar with and follows the AGRSS Standard. Although the Standard is voluntary, an accreditation program has been developed so that installers may show they understand and will follow the Standard.

The Auto Glass Safety Council is also providing extensive education about the AGRSS Standard to insurance companies and the driving public.

To get started, visit the Auto Glass Safety Council website at and learn more about the AGRSS Standard and accreditation.